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With 10 years in the timber frame industry and previous years of general carpentry and construction experience, Carl works with architects, builders and project principals to integrate timber components into projects with varied design styles and building requirements. Carl sees Timber frame is a signature element of West Coast architecture – with nearly infinite adaptability for integration into projects of any size, scale and design.

“We have a surprising range of options in joinery methods, finishes and fiber choices, making timber components suitable for classic and modern architecture alike. In fact – clean, elegant timber has become one of the primary highlights in modern West Coast architecture – a design style that we have seen spread everywhere.” Carl explains.

Based in Cumberland, B.C., on Vancouver Island, Carl is immersed in the West Coast lifestyle, the root of which is based in forestry and value-added wood production.

“Our lifestyle influences our taste in architecture and design.” notes Carl. “We live and play in the mountains, in the forests and on the ocean and our clients wish to embrace our surroundings, culture and environment in their project designs, while taking heed to other equally valid criteria such as resilience, energy efficiency, budget and build logistics. Timber elements in one form or another seem to suit these kinds of project perfectly.”

Carl and the team at Island Timberframe take pride in contributing to thoughtful and well-executed projects that offer a timely quality to be enjoyed by generations.


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