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About Me

We are timber frame design experts, making it simple to custom build a better life through our Perfect Partnership Process.  We work all across Canada and the USA. I love all things timberframe and while my business is called “Interior Design” we do so much more than that;  we get involved with the architectural design process, we collaborate closely with timberframers during the timberframe design process, and we support the general contractor through all phases of construction;  in most cases, we are the clients trusted advisor; we educate potential clients about timberframe or log construction, and we help them put together the perfect team of architect, timberframer, and contractor to make their custom home projects a success!  Our work makes the work of the timberframe or log provider easier, by guiding the client through the stain and color selection process, and by helping the client select the exterior and interior materials, including (quite literally) every single finishing detail and stick of furniture.  We are the consultant who is with the client from the inception of design all the way to the end of the construction process;  as such we have become a vital part of team and the client builds a tremendous degree of trust in our relationship;  I am attending the GBM to expand our existing network of respected contacts in the timber and log marketplace and am interested in making new connections with timberframe and log providers and furniture manufacturers who are willing to collaborate for mutual benefit.


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