Peter Sperlich



Board Member/ Log and Timber Rep

Sperlich Log Construction Inc / CanadianPride Log and Timber products


About Me

My Career in Log and Timber stared over 40 years ago when I first helped my father to build some local turnkey log homes.Then 32 years ago I founded a company that specialized in exporting log and Timber products worldwide.

I have been a director of BC WOOD and representative of the Log and Timber sector since 2008 . I am  also past president and current director with the BC Log and Timber Building Industry Association. The Log and Timber sector of BC represents some of the highest value added and highest ratios of employment of all BC Wood Manufactures.  The sector  also boasts a very diverse  cross section of highly skilled builders, technicians, designers and craftsman that have achieved worldwide recognition in countless construction projects and styles.   Log and Timber is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of wood construction that has very low greenhouse gas emissions and minimal embodied energy.-

We live in  an amazing province with  some of the finest  wood  and knowledgeable builders anywhere in the world. Feel free to stop by our booth and find out more about our Industry and what we have to offer.

I enjoy nature… flyfishing, hunting, mountain biking, photography and love working with wood!


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